Full Phase VST

Full Phase VST is a very unique effect. It uses an inversion of a stereo channel phased against the opposite corresponding channel to isolate common stereo field characteristics, and then uses a small phase shift network to allow phase “tuning” of your audio via the character slider.  Phase shifts can be accomplished by using the “shift” slider (intensity of the shift) in combination with the Left <-> Right horizontal slider to set the position of the phase.  The st. (stereo field) slider is for some mid/side action..

Update 4-23-2012: Phase rotation issue fixed. Full Phase now maintains the stereo balance.

Update 4-24-2012: Full Phase is currently in the shop! Last version was buggy. More soon!

Update 4-25-2012: Added “Field” phase control. Added Full mix phase control. Fixed bugs!

Update 5-05-2012: Completely Reworked Full Phase. Integrated a placeable phase shift!

Update 5-26-2012: Updated GUI and fixed channel swapping issue.

Download Full Phase