Clarity 2.0 VST

Clarity 2.0 is a rework of the original Clarity 32 bit. The additional options have been removed in favor of a more simple interface with better results. Clarity is based on an effect caused by short millisecond delays chained and inverted against the original signal, which produces a high frequency stimulation as well as audible clarity improvement. Clarity 2.0 is 64 bit.

Download Clarity 2.0

Audio Example

Clarity 1.0 32 Bit

Clarity uses phase shifting and comb filtering to enhance the clarity of the audio signal. Clarity also integrates Full Phase VST effect in-line with it’s audio routing.

The phase of either the left or right channel of the effects mix can be inverted. You can also cross-mix the Left and Right Channels, swapping them entirely if need be.

Clarity works great on clearing up percussion, strings, and many other things.

Update 4-25-2012: Incorporated updated Full Phase Effect in-line.
Update 5-31-2012: Added Ability to cross-mix Effect L/R Channels. Added ability to invert phase of Left/Right Effect Channels.

Download Clarity VST